Shishka project - creative input with soul

Shishka project is a new Ukrainian brand that brought together the contemporary illustrators and designers. We manufacture exclusive interior design items for homes and public places.
We follow world trends, but we trust our vision as well.

The history of Shishka project

Alexander Muratov, Yuliya Kononenko, Artem Kravchenko and Inna Kapustenko decided to join together and to present the elaboration of Ukrainian designers in one catalog. Author's furniture, wallpapers, decoration and lighting items are created and designed in Kharkov. Shishka Project is not only about creativity and fashion trends. This is primarily about form, meaning and convenience.

Who are the authors of ideas

Alexander Muratov - the project manager and it’s mastermind, and also the owner of the company Designloft. Designer furniture, decor and lighting in modern styles – that’s his speciality. 

Designers Julia Kononenko and Artem Kravchenko (studio "Kononenko ID") create pieces of furniture and lighting that do not have world analogues. Their works are pointed out at Paris Design Week, Lodz design festival, Minsk design week, Salone satellite worldwide Moscow and other international exhibitions. "An ambitious studio from Kharkov," – is written in the media, and Chinese manufacturers produce exact copies of their light fixtures. Well, we are just proud to work with the guys in one team.

The artist-illustrator Inna Kapustenko draws with her soul. Her works are placed in the publics with an audience of 1.5 million subscribers. Inna likes to illustrate children's books and postcards, and our customers like to order wallpapers with her works. Sometimes it seems that Inna can do everything. Floristic motifs, abstract patterns or tropical plants - will be done. Pastel, watercolor, gouache, computer graphics ... We still do not understand how this all is accessible to one person. We appreciate Inna and protect her.

We will slightly lift the veil. How an idea becomes a form

On the first stage we think about the function of the object – this is the sense of the new development. Then we begin to work on the form.

We create sketches and maquettes of furniture and lighting, we design it in 3D. After the visualization, we discuss the project and supplement the details.

The next step is to create a prototype. Then we work hard and check every product, we work through all the details, we supplement color solutions, we create high-quality packaging.

We have already presented more than 50 unique items

Our collections include conceptual furniture, lighting items, textiles, designer wallpapers, posters and other elaborations for a stylish interior. We work with different directions. Most often with loft, industrial, scandium and minimalism. We have a soft spot for ideal forms, straight lines and thoroughly thought out content.

Interior items create a unique and cozy space for guests, so they attract the attention of owners of the cafes, bars, restaurants, confectioneries. Designer wallpapers help to separate zones in the hotel, office, living room, bedroom or kitchen. And with the help of stylish pieces of furniture and lighting, you can set the accents and complement the interior.

We think over the ergonomics and check the quality

We focus on levity and compactness, while not forgetting about functionality, practicality and ergonomics. You must admit that, however beautiful the bar stool is, the idea is pointless, if it's uncomfortable to sit on it.

Before we submit a new collection, we test all the illustrations, whether for wallpapers, pillows or lampshades. All items are tested for color, quality and printing. Once the first prototype is created, we work through all the details and complement the color solutions. You get a finished flawless product.

Wishes of our customers are our top priorities

You can buy the designer furniture in the salons and through online stores of the dealers. We have shortened the production time for not to make the client wait for too long. Many items are in stock at our warehouse and the delivery term is 1-3 days. If we don't have something in stock, the production period is no more than 2 weeks. We safely pack the furniture, decor and lighting items so that things do not damage during shipment. And even if this happens, we are always ready to meet the needs of the client and resolve the issue.

We are working on a new collection at the moment, we are increasing the range of products in the catalogue, we are creating stock. If you have something to share with us, give a feedback or a recommendation, please do it - we appreciate and listen to our customers and partners.

Thank you for being with us!

Shishka Project team