Author's wallpapers from Ukrainian designers

Designer wallpapers for the walls make any interior modern and creative. Whether it is a living room, children's or public space: a cafe, a restaurant, an office, a hotel. You can use the author's wallpapers as a fragment on one of the walls to highlight a certain zone.

Seasonal collection releases.

The catalog of design wallpapers includes 10 options. Here you can find floral motifs, abstract patterns, tropical plants. We use different techniques: wax pastel, watercolor, gouache, ink, bitmap.

The technicians complete the processing in graphic editors. 

We use natural materials and imported raw materials.

We produce vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven basis. Thanks to non-woven wallpapers does not shrink up after the glue dries. It is also easy to glue them – you should spread the glue on the wall, and not the wallpapers.

This is not the only advantage of the material:

  • a dense base masks small wall irregularities;
  • the vinyl layer does not burn out and does not absorb dust;
  • wallpapers are not afraid of water and washing agents.

We use latex ink on a water basis, they are hypoallergenic. Completely no smell, safe for small children.

Raw materials are purchased in Poland and Belgium. We print wallpapers on the American machinery. The production is in Ukraine.

We can adapt to any space.

The standard width of the roll is 1.09 m. The wallpapers are made according to the size of the customer, the wall's dimensions are taken into account. We created a seamless pattern, taking into account both the lowest and highest ceilings. The drawing will look integrally in any space.

To buy designer wallpapers, you need to tell us the wall parameters and specify the selected picture. We will print the wallpapers according to your size and pack it in a sturdy tube so that they are not damaged during delivery.

Terms of production - from 1 to 5 days.

Designer wallpapers Monstera Leaf

Monstera is one of the most popular plants used in modern interiors. Prints with monstera  leav..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Cactus

Illustration of the flat cactus and uneven black rectangles will be an excellent addition to the Sca..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Chalk Universe

Bold abstract drawings are seemed to be painted with the pastel and chalk on a deep blue background...
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Funny Plants

Unusual flowers, abstract figures in warm shades create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.  This comp..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Greenery circles

Abstract oval shapes, executed in water color technique, create an atmosphere of freshness and light..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Monochrome

Creative illustrations of flowers and leaves which are executed in an unusual "dotty" technique with..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Patriot berry

Executed in pastel, graceful  blueberries on a yellow background  can perfectly underline ..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Pink Flowers

One of the most popular chords - blue and pink are constantly alight with each other  in all ki..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Scandinavian print

Scandinavian design has closely entered the european interiors and  seems to  become one o..
24.61 € (28.01 $)

Designer wallpapers Tropical

The tropical theme in this design includes a number of plants: cactus, orchids and leaves of tropica..
24.61 € (28.01 $)
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