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Designer wallpapers Scandinavian print

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Brand: Shishka Project
Product Code: SP-wallpapers10
24.61 € (28.01 $)


Scandinavian design has closely entered the european interiors and  seems to  become one of the favorites of modern styles. We managed to create an unusual design of the wallpapers by drawing the abstract elements with water color and by placing them to the white triangles. It perfectly goes with  furniture, decoration and plants and seems that it will favorably outline all the objects in the room.

Recommended: For public spaces, bedrooms, hallways and living rooms.

Size: roll width - 1.09 m

Drawing area: 0,97 m seamless

Price: for 1 m2

Materials: paper, vinyl coating, produced in Netherlands

Resistant to the wet-cleaning

According to the manufacturer's certification it corresponds to the fire safety of category B1

The paint is hypoallergenic

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