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Brand: Shishka Project
Product Code: SP-wallpapers08
24.61 € (28.01 $)


One of the most popular chords - blue and pink are constantly alight with each other  in all kinds of collections of  top brands furniture. We wanted to show the subtlety and beauty of paints by expertly combining them in luxurious colors. If you have a passion for extraordinary solutions, such wallpapers will be really useful in creating of an elegant atmosphere.

Recommended: For restaurants and hotels, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Size: roll width - 1.09 m

Drawing area: 0,97 m seamless

Price: for 1 m2

Materials: paper, vinyl coating, produced in Netherlands

Resistant to the wet-cleaning

According to the manufacturer's certification it corresponds to the fire safety of category B1

The paint is hypoallergenic

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